Trade Show Booth Design Trends

Trade Show Booth Design Trends

Design trends can propel you to the head of the pack, helping you cut through fierce competition and say something bold in a world that is packed with noise. Trends are not about fashions that will soon come and go, rather they speak to much bigger shifts in consumer evolution and technological waves.

Bold graphics in the booth design are a great way to reach exhibitors from across the trade show floor. Colourful images or high-resolution, large-format visuals will stay with the attendee.

Channel-Lit Logos and Letters

Against a sea of similar canvas banners in an exhibit hall, those unique logo shapes, letters and colours that you slap on your booth jump out. And they contribute to communicating with the lookie-loos all the way across the room.

Brand your trade show display with a theme so that visitors feel an emotional connection (in a way they can’t even articulate), become raving fans, and tell all their friends about their experience with you, whether established by nature or by retailers: the theme tells attendees everything they need to know about your business in one picture.

Back-Lit Channel Letters has light through the back translucent plastic faces with the transparent plastic backs via LEDS (also known as Halo Lit). Different colour options available with overlay printing of letters if required.

Hanging Signage

With overhead banners, exhibitors can lure visitors’ eyes directly onto their booth. As the logo, the image and the products are displayed directly on these signs, it will approach the attendees directly.

Another trend in exhibition stand design is to evoke emotions in the attendees towards your stand using powerful imagery or colours

Trending nature-inspired booth decorations are one of its integral elements. This allows attendees to be able to switch from feeling trapped all day into a feeling of a green classroom, like a room on the top floor of a multistorey car park, office or exhibition ground with greenery walls or saved used containers with plants grown on the roof.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials help exhibitors design ‘green spirit’ with lighter booths and eye-catching frames that are not only affordable, but also lightweight and dynamic, giving exhibitors a veritable canvas to work with.

Bamboo, a natural material, offers both speed at regrowth and sustainability, with a ratio of 1,000 to 1 as a plant in contrast to plastic’s ratio of 100 years to 10 minutes; and graphene provides a single layer of carbon atoms 1,000 times stronger than structural steel, 300 times stronger than carbon fibre, 10 times stronger than diamond in a bending or tensional stress, while highly flexible, electrically conductive and with interactive elements, it is therefore the best material that humans could ever invent as the man-made fake or replacement for the booth.

Do not give out giveaways made from non-recyclable plastic; instead, use eco-friendly, reusable promotional materials. LED lights and green electronics will further shrink your environmental footprint. Choose recycled, recyclable and ‘green’ paper for brochures and flyers.

Aluminum Extrusions

It is possible to assemble an attractive and functional booth, that is, lighter and cheaper to transport that wood, from aluminium extrusions.

Aluminium extrusions can be contoured and shaped into almost any size and shape using just hydraulic presses for applying pressure in order to squeeze metal through a machine die, much like toothpaste from a tube.

Because of its advantages of strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as negligible electrical and thermal capacities, non-magnetic and ductile form, extruded aluminium applications are widely used in many fields, such as aerospace, electronics manufacturing, automobile engineering and construction engineering.

Inviting Environments

But open floor plans, lounge seating areas and booth design can help brands to build inviting environments at their events that stimulate event-goers on an emotional level and create lasting event memories.

Your customers are on their feet all day long so having a charging station built in to your booth design is a smart way to add to your booth design and reinforce your respect for your audience’s time. Your audience’s time is valuable and we are respectful so, by extension, your time is valuable and we respect you too!

Attendees can’t help but be drawn into the event with LED floor tiles, and with customised images, animations and messaging that runs across all surfaces, including both the floor and the walls, exhibitors can set a striking scene that grabs attendees’ attention and directs traffic into their display. This type of presentation has been highly successful at drawing audiences to events like this one.

Remote Engagement

Not only will eye-catching features draw more people to trade show booths, but brands will be able to tell their story creatively and engage attendees at every turn with an interactive experience. Dramatic, 3D-printed product models or three-dimensional logos offer up impressive visuals for immediate results. This trend offers brands a unique opportunity to tell their story while engaging attendees in an interactive experience.

Employee engagement activities can also be virtualised. For example, an icebreaker session about collective hobbies or shared interests can be a great way to keep team members engaged and moving. Activities such as wine tasting or cooking classes can also be enjoyable. Additionally, organising a virtual scavenger hunt can be fun too.

Another important goal in booth design is being sustainable, reflecting a increasing norm of society to be more environmentally responsible. Employing recyclable materials and eco-friendly processes allows you to set your business apart while tapping into an eco-conscious consumer-base.

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